Unnatural Links Penalty and Recovery Solutions

April 16, 2014

What is Unnatural Link Penalty?

Unnatural link penalties are manual penalties that are placed by Google on websites when they find that they are intentionally trying to manipulate the search engine results by generating links artificially.
  Google has placed the penalty and de-indexed innumerable sites that seemed to have unnatural links. Millions of unnatural link warnings were issued to the respective webmasters before the penguin update arrived.

Reasons of Getting into Unnatural Link Penalty

Participating in link schemes and using automation techniques to build links is the foremost reason of getting such penalties. There are several other reasons like getting link backs from sites with poor reputation, generating large number of links in a short time span, getting link backs from irrelevant / unrelated sites, getting link backs from sites in different language or from a single root domain etc.

How to Recover from the Penalty?

Detect the bad links manually or with the help of link tools that are available on the web. Try and contact the webmaster of the linking websites to get the links removed.
Check the number of linking root domains and remove the duplicates as much as possible.
Remove all dead or broken links.
Remove site wide links and footer links as much as possible.
If you are not able to remove the links, disable them with the help of Disavow Tool.

Disavow Tool

Google disavow links tool was launched in October 2012. It is a way of telling Google that you don’t want certain links from external sites to be considered as part of Google’s system of counting links to rank web sites.

Reconsideration Request

If you receive manual warning in WebMaster Tool then you need to file for reconsideration when you are done with the work of link cleanup.


The Outsourcing Bandwagon – Is it really inevitable?

March 19, 2014

Why is it that companies these days are focussing more on outsourcing their work requirements and less on expanding their in house teams? What benefits does this outsourcing fad actually offers to the digital agencies of today? Is it really inevitable for companies operating in the digital world to outsource their projects?

Well, there are many such questions that are required to be addressed at present. If your digital agency has a number of projects and you are confused whether you should expand your in house team or outsource the work, then we can guide you better.

Read on to find how a digital agency like yours can maximize productivity and attain the desired results when it comes to outsource to India.
  • Proven Results – There are many renowned outsourcing solutions provider that have highly skilled professionals. By outsourcing your work requirement to a professional team that can handle your projects competently, you can keep your clients satisfied. This certainly makes it easier for you to retain and maintain your growing clientele.
  • Consistent Support – Companies that offer high quality and low cost offshore execution models can be your partner in choice when it comes to handling your projects. This way, they will help you achieve the necessary support to manage your increasing projects and will also assist you to stay ahead in today's increasingly competitive business world.
  • Necessary Infrastructure – If you are not having the right infrastructure, software or hardware that is important to handle your client’s work requirements, then outsourcing your projects to another company will prove to be the right option for sure. You will not have to invest in the infrastructure and can be at ease when it comes to successfully completing the projects that you have in hand, that too at a low turnaround time!
So, find an excellent and reliable outsourcing solutions provider in India and outsource your projects to stay ahead of your competitors in the current business environment. Looking at the various advantages that outsourcing offers, it would be right to mention that outsourcing is really inevitable at the present time! And, companies should make the best use of this industry trend.


Happy Holi - Time for Celebrations!

March 15, 2014

Presenting IDS Times… Our Periodic Newsletter! Get to know us better with some great insights about what’s been happening at IDS Logic!


Target Marketing with SEO

December 7, 2013

You get to target your desired market through SEO. It is as simple as it can be. SEO helps you reach out to the exact user base you have in mind to sell your products. It hits the nail right on the horse’s head, the dart on point zero. Search engine optimization is not a process to flinch, but one to lead and steer. Target marketing is achievable through SEO Services, for the process in certain ways is meant to help in accomplishing the same.

When you refer to target marketing, you make a reference to that user group through which you envisage the highest in sales. This is the potential money spinning cluster meant to bring in big bucks. There is no other, but this stratum of buyers through whom you can make money. As a business outfit, you will always reach out to those whom you feel would benefit you monetarily and buy your stuff. This brings us to where we got started, target marketing.

When a website is done with a thorough and inclusive search engine optimization process, the features in it aim to reach out to that user base which would perhaps visit the site most. The features create a bridge of sorts which reach out precisely to that user group which would be most interested in the product. The search engine optimization process, known for its cohesiveness, is all about hammering the message right into the end user conscience.

A website offering services in a given category is pushed ahead with a defined user base in mind. The services put up for sale are meant to be sold to that given category extensively, though all sorts of buyers are welcomed. The given category scores in precedence because of the volume of sales it would potentially generate. The category is targeted all over, with a cohesive atmosphere propagated and worked towards achieving.

Through some solid SEO Services promotions, the website can be displayed emphatically in front of the entire web universe, categorically meant in the first place for that user group. With things being highlighted quite well, the world gets to see the virtues and advantages the site throws at them. The end user gets to view every aspect of the site from close quarters, to understand it better and gets a hang of the services being pitched for. The idea is to help him conjure up an opinion about the site and its highlights.

If one is all game for targeting markets, then SEO is the only possible process that can drive the person towards accomplishing those goals. That coveted market is going to open up only when the end user sees something really remarkable in the website, which SEO ensures happens well. The process helps the site straddle through competition, reach out to the desirable user base and sell itself well. The most resourceful thing that a person can do for himself is ensure that he learns the connotations of this process well and implement them whilst working on the site.


Offshore Outsourcing Services Carry a Firm Belief

November 21, 2013

IT Outsourcing to India has emerged as one of the most famous processes on the block. The benefits have been read about and understood by clients everywhere, who just want to gauge in on these advantages and get their projects done.

There are numerous reasons behind giving Offshore Outsourcing Services in India thorough considerations. Indian companies have been around for many years. They offer cost effective solutions. Clients get to save money close to 40 or 50 per cent of their overall budget.

Not because your business does not have steam, but more because other businesses are going to ride a strong wave of promotional work and get noticed better. How do you plan to knock off that KO punch delivered to your business when something else gets promoted so exuberantly?

IT Outsourcing to India is not just relegated to cost. Low costs are indeed one of the chief reasons why clients come to Indian companies with their projects, but there are other attributes influencing their decisions too. The cost advantage is felt by the client over a period of time after hiring offshore outsourcing services from Indian companies.

Offshore Outsourcing Services in India can perhaps be described best with the phrase, ‘quality and value addition at subsidized spending’. Plenty of companies continue to send their projects to India. The sheer volume of work in handled well by the trained and qualified workforce. The professionals know how to handle projects, wok on them and put quality in them.

The Global Service Delivery Model set up by IT Outsourcing India Companies has been the watershed in their repertoire. This is supposedly better than what their counterparts have to offer at other places. India’s workforce is known to have the best pool of technical skills, with close to 200,000 engineers graduating from engineering schools every year.

Indian Companies providing offshore outsourcing services not only render services, but provide inclusive solutions. Rapid cost reduction in projects should not be the reason to spur decisions to Outsource to India. Quality as a reason takes equal credence. The workforce employed in every Indian outfit ensures quality literally drips from the services they give their clients.

Time as they say, is a great healer. It has also been a great factor in turning lots of eyes to India. The time difference works well, for whenever it is night in other parts of the world, it is day time in India.

Clients working with Indian companies in proximity know it well their pending work will always be found completed when they wake up and report to work the next day. They have the conviction IT Outsourcing India Companies know what their craft is, are responsible vendors who know they need to finish off work on time to justify the quotes they are being paid.

The slide started somewhere back in the 1980s and till date, has retained that momentum. Projects keep coming to Indian companies all the time without halting. They deliver too, another reason why work never stops coming in. The workforce remains a charged unit, waiting for the right moment to pounce on the opportunity and demonstrate its skills.

Indian companies know what priorities they have in hand, and know what they need to do to ensure projects are seen off well and taken towards unprecedented success.